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Shipping Precautions

Here are some notes about packing when you send your work to the Gallery IYN.


(1)Please pack your work in a box of 100 size (total length of 3 sides of length, width and height is 100 cm) or less.

* If the size is 100 or more, depending on the material, the weight of the work cannot be withstood, and the box may collapse, leading to damage to the work itself.


箱の中で作品が動かないよう、適度な量の緩衝材 (プチプチや新聞紙など) を入れて調整して下さい。 

特に レターパックや宅急便コンパクトのような、素材の薄い箱をご利用の場合はご注意下さい。






④ Please do not include anything other than works, goods, business cards, and delivery notes (including exhibition instructions when exhibiting at PROMISING ARTIST, solo exhibitions, and collection exhibitions). Please refrain from using display equipment as it may cause damage or loss.

☆ There are many cases where the work sent by the artist is damaged during transportation and arrives.Most of the packages are in "packed condition that may be broken", which is called "poor packing", and the courier company has contacted us saying "Please call attention to the artist".We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refer to the above and ship in an appropriate package. Please note that this guide is one of the packing methods recommended by the gallery so that the work will not be damaged during transportation or unpacking, and does not guarantee the safety of the work.

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