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Gallery IYN


ART INPUT vol.1: 21 to 24 November, 2024

ART INPUT vol.2: 28 November to 1 December, 2024

(Exhibition dates may postpone due to suspension requests ordered by the government. We apologize for the possible inconvenience in advance.)

Business Hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm

Venue: Gallery IYN (Nakazaki Nishi, 1-chome, 8-24 Ein’s Bld Umeda 101, Kita-ku, Osaka)

Please contact us from the below if you are interested in purchasing our works on display:

Twitter: @artandselection

Instagram: @artandselection.iyn



To those who are in contact with art for the first time:

“Reasons that art is worth more than nature, traveling and reading”

What do you think about this statement?Have you ever had a similar thought about people?

“Their opinions and ideas are amazing."

"What they said was super interesting."

“Their ideas are so unique."

Or have you ever thought the exact opposite?

The things we do and say are deeply influenced by what we see, hear, read, and experience.

In other words, the quality of our experience (INPUT) transforms into our actions (OUTPUT).

People's words and deeds will be greatly affected by the experience they learn.

Therefore, the charm and ability of a person depend on the quality of the experience they had.

What about your experience?

Have you been receiving the same old information, having the same old experience, and living the same old boring days?

In a society that overly pursues convenience and optimization which ended up making people too simple-minded, many of our experiences will be vaguely consumed. (hereinafter referred to as “vague experience consumption”)

For example, hydrangeas.

When it comes to hydrangeas, actually none them are created exactly the same. Hydrangea petals vary in different shapes and colors.

If there are different types of hydrangeas, there may be more obvious differences, but we basically name all of them hydrangeas.

The reason for is that it takes less work to just summarize all different flowers under the general term "hydrangea".

The fact that regarding all but unique balls of flowers simply as a bunch of “hydrangeas” is what we call vague experience consumption.

Nothing new will be discovered nor created under the influence of vague experience consumption.

The quality of your experience (INPUT) will profoundly affect how you behave (OUTPUT).

Will it be possible for modern people to finally get INPUT in good quality?

On the other hand, what about an experience as such?

You can discover new things no matter what by feeling the beauty and severity of nature, because nature does not take your feelings into account. Every minute and every second produces gentle and severe changes. It will be difficult to vaguely consume those experiences under such changes.

In addition, you will be able to find new discoveries by communicating with different people, exploring places you have never been to, and challenging new things.

At the end of the day, if you compared this person who have accumulated the above experience to people who live vaguely, you will realize that there is a huge difference in their personalities, originalities, and abilities to make new creations.

Think about the days you have been spending. Is vague experience consumption still continuing?

Communicating with different people, exploring new places, making new challenges….. doing all these things may sound like a piece of cake.

The time we have is yet limited. Financial problems can arise too. We all have our own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, so it's not as easy for all of us to have a high-quality experience.

Even if we are looking for experiences, we tend to prefer experiences that are similar to our own mind sets or that are compatible with ourselves.

As a result, just like obeying one's own feelings, it has become a vague experience consumption.

The books displayed on the bookshelves at your home, and the information obtained on the Internet are also experiences obtained through your rose-tinted glasses.

Information recommended to you while you scroll through your smartphone could be one of the most suitable examples. In this case, wouldn't it be difficult to form a diversified set of values?

Have you been repeating this consumption of vague experience? Have you been only absorbing information that fits your own values?

Try ignoring your own values ​​and preconceptions.

Experience everything around you by not thinking of yourself at all

By the you will be able to INPUT new experiences for yourself in your daily life.

If you can do such a thing, in what way will your values ​​develop?

I bet you are now excited just by thinking about it.

But then, is it even possible for such a thing to happen?

The answer is YES, and you can do that through ART,

and also INPUTting information that does not conform to you, into yourself.

"ART INPUT”, the art exhibition that focuses on the basic values of ART from another viewpoint.

The painting is the life itself that the artist has lived so far.

ART is an artist’s own form of expression when they are unable to use their own thoughts and information in words, but in feelings instead. The product created through ART will eventually become paintings, or artworks.

The ART you see may contradict with your thoughts. It is also not possible to consciously pick what you want to see, as human beings ourselves obtain information from vision. We do not always have such an experience in our daily lives, therefore infinite possibilities can be generated through seeing ART. It may sound like an exaggeration, but the experience you get from ART, is like that touching experience you get when you set foot in unexplored continents, deep seas, or even the world’s very end.

Art has the power to ultimately shake and subvert your values.

According to a study by Robert Root-Bernstein of Michigan State University, Nobel Prize-winning scientists were three times as likely to have art-related hobbies.

To give a famous example, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has been thinking about his marketing tactics and ideas while being surrounded by paintings.

In addition, among the founders of Twitter and YouTube, there are also people who have disclosed that they are inspired by art and artists.

You might think these examples will only work for entrepreneurs, but that's not the case. Pretty sure this is something of value to all human beings, men, women, and children. However, although we say that ART itself is valuable, it is not enough to just simply paint without having anything in mind.

What's special about "ART INPUT"

Left: There will be no identical works.

Our gallery displays artworks regardless of genre.

Please do not create by sticking to what you see in our gallery.

Feel free to make whatever you think is ART.

Only in this way can we provide customers with high-quality "INPUT".

Right: Unpublished works on social media only

The main theme for “ART INPUT" will surround the keywords "new", "first experience" and “novelty”.

We sincerely look forward to your unpublished works!

How to appreciate the works of art in this exhibition

If you need some advice on how to appreciate works of ART, please try not to stick to "finding paintings you like”. Instead, try focusing on "discovering works you like".

Simply this point should make ART a beneficial experience for oneself.

Your first impression of the work, thoughts that suddenly pop up in your mind, the way of expressing those thoughts in words, the spot that caught your attention...... By repeating those questions to yourself, you will eventually find things that make you feel beautiful, the things that move you, and the voices that have been screaming in your heart.

If you are able to experience ART in this way, your senses will sharpen, and the possibility of discovering new values will become greater.This is the ART that brings new values and enlightenment to everyone.

Such power names this exhibition “ART INPUT”.

“A gallery where anyone can casually enjoy art” is our gallery, Gallery IYN’s main concept.

We make this concept as our main theme to host various projects!

【About the participating artists and works】

The "ART INPUT" exhibition will have 20 artist spaces for each phase.

This allows you to have a look at the past and present of artists living in the now.

Artists with different experiences, activities, genres, and techniques all lead different lives.Gallery IYN will display works that make people ask "what do you think when you see this work?” for artists who want to have their work introduced and known by more people during this exhibition.

We will be introducing works that make you "want to know more" more than anything."GIFT", “ART INPUT", "MESSAGE"

"MESSAGE" in 2022

"GIFT 2023, 2024" starting in December 2023.

"ART INPUT" starting in 2024.There are two ways to appreciate the works in these three art exhibitions.

The first one is to enjoy artworks purely visually without relying on the description of the works.

The second is to appreciate the artwork by reading and understanding the description of the work.

The "MESSAGE" exhibition contains free messages written by artists.

"GIFT" and "ART INPUT" consists of the things artists have lost, experiences they had in the past, sad memories or hard times in life. e will conduct exclusive interviews and reports on those topics and they will be uploaded at

What impressions will you have from the messages written by the artists?

What an artist perceives as their own imperfections can be a source of strength, trait, personality, and talent in the eyes of others. Painful experiences and suffering make people stronger. The more an artist continues to struggle through suffering, the more attractive their artistry can be.

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